FL Studio 11 Failed to Load DelZip190.dll Quick Fix

I just installed FL Studio 11 and got this message when trying to save a song as a zip file: Failed to load C:\Program Files (x86)\Image-Line\Shared\DelZip190.dll 

Turns out some of the install files somehow went into the wrong shared folder. It’s a pretty simple fix.

1. Do a search for DelZip190.dll on your hard drive

2. Copy DelZip190.dll into the folder where FL Studio 11 says it’s missing from.

3. Done you can now open and save zip files again in FL Studio 11!

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How to Link a Midi Keyboard Controller to any Knob in FL Studio

You can link any slider or knob on your midi keyboard to basically any slider or knob in FL Studio. To do so right click on the knob in FL Studio and select “Link to Controller”.

remote control settings

Now slide the desired knob or fader on your midi controller and it will automatically be assigned to the fader or knob in FL Studio!

It is also possible to link a midi controller knob to any knob on a third party VST plugin in FL Studio.Somet VST plugins may not have the option to Link to Controller however there is another way you can do this. Go here: http://www.flstudio.org/index.php/automating-buttons-on-vst-plugins/

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FL Studio 11 Skins – ShadowSkin

FL Studio 11 Skins – ShadowSkin by WhiskeyPriest


Signup and login here to get this skin:

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