FL Studio 8 Preview

fl8.jpgSo what’s new in FL Studio 8?

>Fruity Limiter
>Synth Maker Generator

Fruity Limiter
The Fruity Limiter is unbelievable and a great addition to this already great digital audio workstation. It has an inbuilt compressor so you can control the compression while limiting. This pluigin is absolutely great. I am liking it so much as it enables me to get a much fuller sound out of even the simplest riffs. A fuller sound means a fuller sounding song. I can’t explain the technical side of a limiter off of my head but there’s nothing stopping you from typing “limiter” into google if you are after a full rundown.


Synth Maker Generator
Synth Maker Generator is an application where all the synths, effects and dashboards can be modified to ones likings. There are so many default effects and generators to choose from . So much power contained within one single channel! Think of it like a digital sketch pad where you start with say a simple sine wave, link the sine wave through effects and then output it into a normal FL channel.

It’s an awesome drag and drop invironment where you can basically link aything to anything. You can basically create whatever synth you like and then save it to disk. Synth Maker Generator puts you in control of designing synths, now everyone can be a synth programmer!


Synth Maker Generator reminds me of Propellor Heads Reason, where you join all of the cables just like connecting up old anolog gear 20 years ago! You can build synths how you like them, just like in Reaktor. The GUI (Graphical User Interface) is much nicer and it’s a lot easier to understand. Check out a flash preview of all of the default presets that come standard with FL Studio 8 here.


Here is a large photo with a few of Synth Maker Generator preset’s shown.

Of course if you get bored with the default presets just hit the download  tab and you have access to hundreds more presets all for free.

For those of you who love sampling, this little sweetie has more knobs and buttons than you need. Remember the Fruity Slicer? Slicex is like a mash up of the Fruity Slicer and Fruity Edison! So what does that mean? Well you can paste your audio clips straight into Slicex and modify any part of the wave just like in Fruity Edison. Hit the slice button and slice the sample into pieces. Now chop and change the play order of the sample to your content. Now if you suddenly decide you want to change part of the wave, such as add some reverd to one part of the sample, just highlight that part of the wave in Slicex and apply the reverb. No more cutting and pasting audio clips around as you can tweak it to perfection all within Slicex.


Slicex: take out the “lic” and your left with S***ex! This plugin is just as good.

FL Studio 8 you will like it, love it and maybe (if it wasn’t a computer program) you could you could marry it! But one thing is for certain, you will spend more time with FL Studio 8 than with your friends, girlfriend or wife. (For those girls reading just swap the genders in that last sentance!)

Click here to get the free and fully functional FL Studio 7 demo now. (FL Studio 8 for the moment is only available to registered users in the form of Release Candidate 2. Just log into to your “MyFLStudio” and download. It’s pretty damn stable though I haven’t had any problems as yet!)

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  1. Great site man. I never knew how to work SliceX, but now I know. Im going to play around with it and let you know what I think. Please feel free to check my blog for FLPS, Sounds, Remakes and Tutorials.



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