Recording Instruments using Fruity Loops

Ever wondered how to record an instrument straight into FL Studio? Let me show you how.

1. Go to the mixer and click on Insert 1 (or any other empty mixer channel).

2. Hit the down arrow next to the words “IN” and select your soundcards input channel.

3. Hit the disk recording button located at the bottom of Insert 1 and type a name to save the recording as.

4. Hit the record button in the Main Window of Fruity Loops and then when your ready to record press the play button!

That’s all their is to it. Frutiy Loops will automatically record any sound input and when you hit the stop button it will load the recording into the Playlist as an audio clip. One of the best features of recording input is that you can playback what you have already created while recording a new peice.

Fruity Loops can make you a true one man band, by recording yourself on each individual instrument. Great programĀ isn’t it!

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6 Responses to Recording Instruments using Fruity Loops

  1. I use this feature to record my vocals and electric guitar straight into FL Studio. By doing so I can sing or strum along to any beats that I have already created.

  2. Jaime C says:

    Hey yeah this is a great tip. Makes it so much easier to jam along with what you have already wriitten!

  3. MzBeatz says:

    Ive done this, but for some reason I get feedback of the beat on my vocal waveform….why is this?

  4. Graeme says:


    I just spent over an hour searching YouTube and websites looking for a tutorial on how to record a synth and couldn’t find anything. Even the FL Studio tutorials didn’t help.

    Simple tutorial like this and it’s recording. Great!


  5. & Graham – No problems happy to help!

  6. @ MzBeatz – You have to make sure your microphone isn’t picking up the beat that you wrote. You can do this simply by wearing headphones.

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