FL Studio 9 Skins – Pimp Your Sequencer

Sick of the dull green look of FL Studio? Well it’s easy enough to modify all of the graphics and come up with an entirely new look FL Studio. Personalise the colour scheme to your liking and who knows it may even change the way you make music!

The hard way to pimp your Fruity Loops layout involves going into the Image Line folder and recreating all of the graphics by yourself. If your not that much into computer drawing, than the easy way is to download skins made by other people.
For a guide to skinning FL Stuido yourself read: Skinning FL: THE GUIDE

For FL Studio 9 skins read through this topic: The Skin Tank






You must be a member of The Flipside Forum first before you can download the skins, but why wouldn’t you be? This is the best FL Studio forum I have come across yet!

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