Fruity Blood Overdrive

The fruity blood overdrive effect is a distorter, that means it takes a perfect sample and distorts it. This sounds good in music and that’s why we use a distorter.

The fruity blood overdrive (although the name sounds tough) uses classic techniques and is not as harsh as other distortion plugins. I recommend the TK3 Band Distortion plugin for a harsher sounding plugin. See my Distortion Demo in FL Studio.

FL Studio Blood Overdrive

So now for a description of the parameters of Blood Overdrive.

PreBand – Sets the amount of band filtering to the incoming audio.

Color – Sets the frequency of the band filtering.

Preamp – This overdrives the audio in order to create distortion.

x100 – Increases the Preamp by one hundred times.

Post Filter – The audio that has been amplified is now low pass filtered at the frequency set here.

Post Gain – This is the final gain reducer. The pre-amp makes the output really loud, so we can turn it down a bit with this knob.

Also check out Hardcore which is made by the FL Studio team at Image-Line. It is a guitar amp simulator and it sounds pretty damn hardcore!

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