Fruity Loops Bible

If you need help with Fruity Loops here are a couple ideas:

Get a copy of the Fruity Loops Studio Bible,  Download FL Studio Bible here

View the online version of the Fruity Loops manual here Fruity Loops Reference Manual.


I bought myself a copy of the FL Studio Bible last year. It’s quite a helpful book with 362 pages explaining basically everything about Fruity Loops. There is even a section in the back of the Bible with interviews from producers, who actually use Fruity Loops to make a living! It is really great to know that there are people out there who make a living using Fruity Loops.

So far I have made absolutely no money using Fruity Loops. Still, the thought of sitting at home in my bedroom studio making beats and selling them is what keeps me going!

This is the list of producers who use FL Studio as their central music creation tool. All of these artists are interviewed in the Fruity Loops Bible and what they have to say is really interesting. You can download tunes by these artists on the Fruity Loops website in the power users section. Some of the well known artists who use Fruity Loops (known as power users in The FL Bible) include:

Mike Oldfield
9th Wonder
Seismic Crew
Mark Tinley
Meg Hentges
Peter (Skaven) Hajba
Toby Emerson
Doug Lazy
Steve Duda

A couple of other artists who I know have used Fruity Loops (or FL effects) in their tunes are:

Concord Dawn– in the tune “Man for all Seasons” you will able to pick out sytrus being used for that metallic sounding effect.
Pendulum– in the tune “Girl in the Fire” slayer is used with the voicebox present for that synthesized voice effect.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t achieve something. Especially if they say that FL Studio is just a toy. I am sick of people saying such things. This program has unlimited capabilities

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  1. the Canadian hip hop artist Classified also uses Fruity loops, and has a skit, “beatin it” where he speaks while putting together a song.

  2. I bought PDF scan frim Tradebit site in nanov post….and if anybody want to do it I have to say its a piece of crap…scans are indistinct and crooked…some pictores are unreadable…and it has not even 427 pages as Spor said but about 350 and it seems to be FL 5 because at the end there is chapter about FL6 new features…so onece again do naot support those cheaters with your money…10$ for that shit….unbelivable…if anybody wants it…I can send it…

  3. is the book fl8 also for fl9? or do i have to wait for the newone? enyone some experience. please help me before i buy something i don’t need!

  4. welll all i really wanna know is where an if i can get a book or like a study guide on FL STUDIO 10 because im a self producer i rap an now trying to create beats sooooo if anyone could possibly help me out i would appreciate that so much!!!!

  5. @ Skill

    I don’t think reading this book will help you getting any further, it doesn’t explain how to make music, just the basics. Practice will help a lot though. :)

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