How To Use The Fruity Loops Vocoder

Basic introduction to the Fruity Loops Vocoder.

Ok im not going to try explain how a vocoder works but I will tell you how you can get the Fruity Loops Vocoder working within the next few minutes.

1. Open a voice clip in a sampler channel. Now pan the voice clip fully to the left and send it to mixer channel 1. This is the Modulator wave. (Note: You dont have to use a voice clip but it will help you to understand how the Fruity Vocoder works.)

2. Open up a drum hit in another sampler channel. Pan this fully to the right and send it to mixer channel 1 also. This is the Carrier wave.

3. Open up the Mixer Window add the Fruity Vocoder into Mixer channel 1. To fully hear the effects of the vocoder, make sure the modulator and carrier control knobs on the vocoder are set to 0%.

4. Draw a pattern in the step sequencer as shown below. Now press play and listen to the vocoder as it makes the voice clip stutter. The carrier wave is effecting the modulator wave.


You can vary the patterns and the samples to create totally new sounds and very interesting effects!


The vocoder has a number of controls that you can use to vary the input levels of the modulator and carrier waves.

Just remember you can be as creative as you like, you don’t just have to use it on voices just because that’s what it was designed for. Let’s face it though everyone loves the C-3PO voice from Star Wars.

Have fun!

7 thoughts on “How To Use The Fruity Loops Vocoder”

  1. thats interesting, I had never even heard of the vocoder before, Im sure I can have fun with this cheers.
    Keep churining out those tutorials.

  2. It’s heaps of fun. The vocoder is great for adding subtle background sounds to a mix or straight upfront lead vocals. It’s basically what they used to make the voice of the robot C3PO on start wars (c’mon everyone loves star wars right!?)

  3. Using this you can make some pretty cool loops if you use a drum loop for the modulator wave and a string like sample for a carrier wave. Just put the modulator control knob up a bit to make the drum loop audible and then you’re away.

  4. i have been trying to get this thing to work, i did what you described above, does it work with any instrument or only certain ones, i want use the rave lead or voodoo with a voice on it. is that possible, doesnt seem to be workin for me

  5. I just tried it with a voice sample and the rave “preset” in the 3xOscillator. Works awesome. Set both the voice and the 3xOsc to fx channel 1. Pan the voice to the left, and pan the 3xosc to the right. Make sure both are playing at the same time. It sounds awesome!

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