How to Export a Pattern from One FL Studio Project to Another

So you want to export a pattern from one FL Studio project and import it into another FL Studio project?

The following tutorial will show the basics for doing exactly that. This is a simple example but it can get more complex depending on the number of patterns that you want to export.

The first image below shows a simple drum loop pattern that has been created in a FL Studio project. Now say we wanted to combine this drum loop pattern into another existing project, well this is how you would go about it….


First all you need to do is go to the File Menu and then Export and then go to Project Bones shown in the image below.


Choose a folder to save your project bones in and inside that folder you will see the following.


Click on the Channels folders and you will see all of your samples have been exported into here.


Now it’s time to export the scores that correspond to the mixer channels. Right click on the channel that you want to export and click Send to piano roll.


In the piano roll click on the little arrow and go to the file menu and then Save score as. Save it in the Project bones folder under Scores. Save it under the same name as the Channel so you know what it is. You will need to Save the scores for each and every channel that you want to export into your other project.


Ok now that you have saved all of your scores you are ready to import the channels and scores into your new project. Open the FL Studio project that you want to import the channels into.

Insert a new sampler channel. 1. Click on the sampler channel to open up the channels settings window. 2. Click on the little folder in the sampler channel settings window to load your previously saved sample. 3. Navigate to the folder and select the sample to insert. Do this for every channel you want from your other project.


Now once all of your samples are into your new project you will need to open the scores for each of the samples. Right click on one of the channels and then click Piano Roll.


In the piano roll click the little down arrow and then go to File and then Open score as.


Select the score that you previously saved in the scores folder.


Do this for all of the channels you want in your new project and then that’s it! You now have all of the channels and patterns from your other FL Studio project into your new FL Studio project.


It is also possible to import Automation, Effects and Mixer presets from one FL Studio project to another. These files can all be found in the project bones folders.

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  1. Thanks very much, please what can I do with this problem, my latest music has alot of clipping or freeze when ever I try to play it. Please some one should help me solve this problem.

  2. I also want to know if there is an easier way for multiple channels/patterns. I f I had to do all of the above to copy my patterns, I think it would be easier to re-create them in the Step editor one at a time in the new project.

  3. God allmighty, please please please just make this a standard three-click feature to copy/paste a whole pattern for Christ’s sake

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