Introduction to FL Studio – Understanding the workflow

The first thing every FL Studio beginner needs to understand is the work flow. Basically there are five steps you must follow to create a piece of music.

1. Instruments – These are the wav samples, generators or VST’s that you load into the pattern sequencer (F6)

2. Sequencing – The notes that are programmed into the pattern sequencer (F6) or piano roll (F7) to trigger samples, generators or VST’s

3. Arrangment – Patterns from the pattern sequencer (F6) can then be arranged and looped in the playlist window (F5).

4. Mixing – The sound from each instrument can then be sent to mixer channels (F9) and effects can be applied. (Reverb, delay, compression ect.)

5. Exporting – The mix can then be exported to .wav or .mp3

If you have a play around by pressing the hotkeys and programming notes by trial and error you will soon start to become familiar with the FL Studio workflow.

Pattern Sequencer (Hotkey F6)
pattern sequencer

Piano Roll (Hotkey F7)
piano roll

Playlist (Hotkey F5)

Mixer (Hotkey F9)

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